Data-gathering infrastructure

adjusted for your request

done technically better

sourced ethically

We scan all data in open web sources and adjust them to your business needs. No matter how specific the data you need is, you'll access it with our high-tech APIs and proxies.

Data collection done ethically, flexibly, and error-free

You might be juggling dozens of data toolkits to finally get the right data. Now, you have control over it all with Commada's APIs and proxies.

We’ve created the infrastructure and automating solution that collect, parse, and provide you with the search results data in a format that suits you better.


requests daily


traffic daily




countries in search geography


You can collect the data on your own using our bespoke data collection infrastructure – proxies. They collect all requested info, avoiding geo-restrictions and keeping you anonymous. Commada offers one of the largest infrastructures with millions of proxies worldwide for you to scale your data collection.


Rest easy, our APIs take over and automate the entire data collection process. APIs gather the data, validate its compliance with given parameters, double-check its relevance, and recollect it in case of inconsistencies or the presence of broken data. Finally, they process the data using the most up-to-date parser that extracts all links you need.

What makes us the right solution for your data collection


High-tech expertise

It’s what helps us be agile in terms of what solutions we offer and how we adapt them to your needs.

Support's here 24/7

Our team replies to your requests all day long. We ensure any issue will be taken into account within 24 hours.

No geo-restrictions

No matter what region you target, we can find the right data for you thanks to our large proxies pool. Our clients are from the entire world, from North America to Australia.

Fully-legal basis

All proxies and infrastructure elements are ethically sourced and comply with all parties.

Error-free algorithm

We ensure to avoid errors when setting geolocation and handling cookies so that the data is matched to your parameters. No errors – no decrease in relevance of organic issuance and the volume of advertising given out.

What our proxies and APIs are made for

Collect data in any area you want and use it to improve the efficiency of your business.

Get the exact data you need and boost your performance

It's time to change the framework of data collection, let us make it at the highest level!

Got any questions?
We have the right answers

  • How can I use your products?

    With our proxies, you can collect data in any area you want. We offer all types of proxies for your business needs - data-center, residential, and rotating ones.

  • Are you offering a free trial?

    Yes, we offer free trial for all our products - API and Proxies.

  • What locations are available in Commada?

    With Commada you can use any location as we have more then 100 millions proxies all over the world.

  • Is it ethical to gather data using your products?

    We ensure that all of our proxies and infrastructure elements are ethically sourced and compliant with relevant regulations and standards.

  • What are Commada’s pricing plans?

    Take a look at our pricing plans.

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