Automate your data collection and get it structured

Experience the next level of gathering data from search engines. Our APIs collect the data in real time and deliver it in any format you wish, from raw HTML to structured JSON. You just need to send the request, and the rest will be on us.

SERP APIs – the simplest way to scrape the exact data you need

Unlock the proxy pool, a web scraper, and a parser with a single API. No matter where you are, you can gather data from any location you want – set your target at the level of a country, city, and even district.

What if the data is broken?

No worries, SERP API automatically recollects failed data and ensures its relevance.

Custom solution APIs – for those who have high demands

For sure, SERP APIs already simplify your data collection, but what if your targets are more complicated than usual?

Rest easy, our high-tech expertise takes it over!

Commada modifies and even develops from scratch the API for your request. Reach any target and website you want with the customized APIs.

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35k requests

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Enterprise plan

Your request is higher than what we offer?

Don't worry, we'll create the right subscription for you.

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Custom solution APIs

Your demands are more specific than our APIs? Our team will create the custom API for you.

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Why APIs are the right solution to collect your data

Automatic blocking bypass

Our APIs are done technically better, they are immune to bans and websites restrictions that one can face.

Any format you want

Commada’s API collect, parse, and provide you with the search results data in a format that suits you better - from raw HTML to structured JSON.

Global geo coverage

SERP APIs collect your data regardless of your location. Set the target on any country, city, or region, and receive the corresponding data.

Real-time data

Today’s world is fast-paced, and it’s hard to keep up with its speed. Our APIs easily deal with it, providing you the up-to-date and relevant data in the market.

Make your data extraction automatic, precise, and fast

No matter what your request is, Commada's APIs will find the right data for it. Everything's done ethically, efficiently and error-free.

Got any questions?
We have the right answers

  • What is SERP Scraper API?

    SERP Scraper API is a data scraping tool that enables real-time public data gathering from major search engines. With SERP Scraper API, you can fetch public data from various search engines pages, including the search page, images, hotels, news, keywords data, etc.

    This tool allows you to extract the key data point from SERPs: paid and organic results, top stories, local pack, job listing ads, related questions, featured snippets, and more. SERP Scraper API enables data collection on a country, city, or coordinate level and delivers the data in structured JSON & CSV formats.

  • Are you offering a free trial for SERP Scraper API?

    Yes. SERP Scraper API is available free of charge for 1 week. Test the functionality by extracting public data in real-time at scale from various search engine pages and determine your specific needs. The free trial offers:

    10000 results

    10 results / s rate limit

    Access to all available scraping targets

    In terms of trial for enterprise clients please contact support team.

  • The key features of SERP Scraper API are as follows:

    Main data points collection from the leading SERPs. You can extract featured snippets, organic and paid results, job listing ads, and other data points from such search engine pages as images, ads, news, and others.

    Coordinate-level targeting. You can gather data from multiple sources on a country, city, or coordinate level in 195 countries.

    Patented Proxy Rotator. With this patented solution, you can perform human-like scraping and easily pass by website anti-scraping measures.

    Structured data. SERPScraper API delivers data in the ready-to-use JSON & CSV formats.

    Custom storage space. You can store the scraped data in Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, or another storage type of your choice.

  • What is the success rate of SERP Scraper API?

    The success rate depends on the site you want us to gather data from. For some major search engine sites, our success rate is above 95%. However, there may be smaller sites we cannot scrape at all. The best solution is to ask your sales/account management rep or our customer success team by dropping a line at

  • Can I see my SERP Scraper API usage statistics?

    Yes, SERP API returns usage statistics by default. You can contact the support team and request your current statistics if you need to check it.

  • How to make a choice between proxies and APIs?

    With our proxies, you can collect data in any area you want. We offer all types of proxies for your business needs - data-center, residential, and rotating ones.

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